Destiny X8

„Backup is always a key for 100% reliability“

Reliable backup heavy lifter drone.
Foldable landing gear.

Tech specs

  • Flight time: max 20min
  • Flight speed: horizontal – max 60 km/h, vertical – max 6 m/s
  • Payload: Max 12kg
  • Ready to shoot: in 30-40 minutes
  • Wind resistance: max 8 m/s
  • We have 6 x 15 min (90min) of flight time with no charging, we can charge 3 sets of batteries simoultaneously 40min charging time Equipped with MOVI Pro camera gimbal with some custom upgrades to be able to balance a wide range of camera setups or our custom 400W LED light array

About Destiny X8

  • DESTINY is our second heavy lifter drone platform, that we were using for many years as a reliable flying platform.
  • Now the main job for this drone is to be a strong and reliable backup drone or to fulfill some specific jobs requests. For example to have 2 heavy lifter drones in the air in the same time or for drone lightning service and camera drone at the same time.
  • DESTINY drone is also a very good looking drone so we can use it as „on camera drone“ for props department.