FPV Go Pro “racing” Drone

Super fast flying speed in combination with high agility and maneuverabilty.
Mainly used for POV chasing shots on high speed.
Pilot is „sitting“ in the drone and making the shots like a real pilot through FPV video goggles. Camera is fixed on drone – no camera control during flight.

Tech specs

  • Flight time: max 5min
  • Flight speed: horizontal – max 120 kph, vertical – max 10 m/s Payload:
  • GoPro camera only (we have GoPro 7 or GoPro Session 5)
  • Ready to shoot: in 10 minutes
  • Maximum range: 2000m
  • Wind resistance: 10 m/s

About FPV GoPro “racing” Drone

  • Because we want to fullfil all drone related jobs, we have builded a small super fast racing drone that can reach more than 120 kph flying speed!
  • And In combination with GoPro camera we can get a very dynamic and unique type of drone shots.
  • We can go very close to some fast objects (motorbikes, racing cars, drifting cars,..etc) or make some flying through very tiny spaces, woods, abandoned buildings action scenes and so on.