Inspire 2 2 X7

„Small workhorse with big advantages“

Very portable and mobile platform.
The speed and agility with low space requirements while keeping a precision and stability.
Lower daily price while keeping a high end aerial cinematography standard.

Tech specs

  • Flight time: max 25min
  • Flight speed: horizontal – max 95 km/h, vertical – max 6 m/s
  • Payload: X7 camera/lens + ND/filter only – camera specs
  • Ready to shoot: in 10 minutes
  • Wind resistance: max 10 m/s
  • Maximum range: 1000m
  • We have 9 x 20min of flight time (180min) with no charging, we can charge 3 sets of batteries simoultanesouly (60min charging time)

About Inspire 2 X7

  • INSPIRE 2 is a small but very powerful and agile tool for aerial cinematography.
  • It has all necessary high end features combined with camera Shooting up to 6K resolution and SUPER 35 sensor with 4 changable lenses (16mm,24mm, 35mm, 50mm) , ND filters, remote focus and wireless HD video.
  • All build in very small and mobile package ideal for chasing cars, indoor flying, tiny spaces but also for tv series, documentary, commercial projects or VFX plates.