Support van & Accessories

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Maxi Van

  • With custom inbuild tray for transporting all equipment on set.
  • We can drive 5 + 1 people needed (we can be standalone DRONE unit).
  • Mainly used for transporting ALTA X heavy lifter drone and all accesories.

VW PASSAT Alltrack 4×4 / AUDI A6 Allroad 4×4

  • Mainly used for transporting INSPIRE 2 drone only. Can be used as a chasing car for Car2Car shots.
  • With panorama opening roof window we can provide effective solution for close range aerial drone shots on high speed. Pilot can operate the drone from driving car with clear line of sight view and can achieve short distance to shooted subject (driving car/riding horse/cycling rider/…etc).

Custom build power charging stations

  • For very easy on set charging for main drone batteries and LED drone light batteries.
  • With these custom builded power charging stations we are able to charge 3 sets of flying batteries for our heavy lifter drones (ALTA X or DESTINY).
  • Thanks to them we can fly almost non-stop during the day if there is an electricity. Each charging station needs about 2000W of 220V power supply.

Two-Way wireless headset communication

  • We own two-way headset communication set for up to 5 person (pilot/driver + camera operator + director + DOP + 1 more) for very easy, hands free and fast commands or shot adjustments from DOP/director.
  • Maximum range is 400m.

Wireless FIZ control Tilta-Nucleus M

  • For usage together with MOVI Pro camera gimbal on drone or as a handheld gimbal we have one set of Wireless Focus/Iris control with remote Run/stop function.

Portable tech recce drone Mavic Pro

  • For tech recce or location scouting we are ready with very small drone DJI
  • Mavic Pro that can fit in small bag and can be charged in car

Support film cart/Magliner

  • For easy transporing of all equipment over the set we have own Magliner cart and one foldable 2 wheel cart.

Portable 2kw power genny

  • Mainly used for on set charging INSPIRE 2 batteries or any other needs.